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Daniel Beier, uses different online-Shops, such as u.a.,, client Hotdigital since 2005

The Beginning

Like the majority online sellers, Daniel Beiers has begun his e-Commerce career on e-Bay, selling mobile phones and electronic gadgets accessories. However, the habitant of Frankfurt has understood very soon that on e-Bay he could use his potential only partially. Firstly, he made sure that he has had a flawless reputation on the international market. Then appeared the necessity to have a proper shop that supports international sale. While searching for an appropriate system, Daniel Beiers stumbled upon Hotdigital, and opened his own shop 

The multilingualism

The Hotdigital Shop proposed the languages that Daniel Beier needed. Since there has been the possibility to change the language and there was the request in the International Marketing, he opened the English and the French version accordingly and “It was important for me to use the Hotdigital Marketing valuation in English and in French version”, remembers Beier. Of course, he could use MEXXTRONICS-Shop in different countries. Actually, he has collaborated with several shops in different countries. This allowed him to find an individual approach to the price formation.

The Expansion

After three MEXXTRONICS e-Shops followed the others. Beier organized other marketable groups in addition to the spare parts for the mobile phones. He bought powerful domains and fitted all his shops without exception with individual design. Daniel Beier remembers: “When we started, it was really difficult to drag on our side the providers and other big commercial companies.  Today everything have changed; we have the possibility to choose from the numerous provider’s goods that interest us”. Nowadays Daniel Beier has 10 different Hotdigital online-shops that work successfully. To the MEXXTRONICS family belong such “well-known” shops as '' and ''. Now he has four permanent employees and some other workers who perform temporary tasks. The successive extension has not been yet planned. “First of all we plan to rise on the proper level and later we can think about the next higher steps,” says Beier winking with an eye, “though the thoughts about something bigger always follows me up.”  

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